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Body / Pamper treatments


This treatment is a lot of massage, now who would not like that? The body is massaged with oils, exfoliated and dried with hot towels. Essential oils are then massaged into the skin for a 100% relaxation massage.

75 minute treatment 65


Who wouldn't like this as none of us can see our backs! Deep pore cleansing then exfoliated with a Balinese scrub. A hydrating mud mask. A massage follows with hydrating oils, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. If you like a lot of massage on your back, this is the one for you.

60 minute treatment 45


The wrap method works by transporting excess water from fatty tissue which eliminates naturally through the body's own system. It is not a magic treatment but it does work provided you are doing something to help yourself, like a good healthy eating plan and exercise. This treatment will be a great booster.

Recommended course of three 170
75 minute treatment £65

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