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Treatments for Mums to be


Most of my treatments can be adapted for pre, during and post pregnancy.
Treatments have been carefully chosen to take into account all contraindications for mothers to be and nursing mothers. they are designed to treat muscular aches, fluid retention, stress and fatigue. They also maintain the skin tone and elasticity to help prevent stretch marks and boost your energy levels.

Reflexology is not advised until the 12th week of your pregnancy. Reflexology can help with the birth of your baby by working on certain areas of the feet which correspond with your body, getting it into a relaxed state for the birth.
One hour treatment £30

Foot massage - a half leg and foot exfoliation for heavy, tired leg relief, followed by a gentle manual lymphatic drainage massage to combat excess fluid and fatigue. the perfect pampering treatment for all mothers to be.
One hour treatment £40

Back massage - lying on your side, supported by pillows, enjoy a back, neck, arm and hand massage with oils to alleviate aches and tension. Tummies are massaged with natural body oil to help prevent stretch marks.
One hour treatment £35


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