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This is the machine used in the non surgical face lift. It has 58 different programmes to help all parts of the body. There is a female and male intensive toning programme, cellulite treatment and general toning and lifting. There is a programme for most parts of the body; abdomen, waistline, hips, arms, legs and general body toning. Prices and times vary, have a discussion with me and we can work out a plan of attack! Including a nutrition consultation.



Microdermabrasion facial treatment

This great facial removes the top layer of dead skin cells painlessly and rejuvenates new healthy skin. It brightens dull skin, enlivens stressed skin, smooths and restores the skins texture. Hyper pigmentation reduction (age spots), smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Deep facial cleansing, refines and reduces scar tissue including men's skin
60 minute treatment £45


Non-surgical face-lift

Using micro current and ultrasound wave technology. A lymphatic drainage massage within the facial helps to eliminate puffiness especially under the eyes. Improves muscle and skin tone and helps cell renewal. More plumped up skin looks more youthful.
60 minute treatment £40


Ultra sound uplifting facial

I deny anyone not to really enjoy this treatment. This facial will help iron out wrinkles and fine lines. Dark puffy circles under the eyes will start to diminish. It will help tighten the skin and make it look more youthful, eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.
60 minute treatment £45


Reflexology facial

This is a brilliant facial massage, it begins with a relaxing back massage targeting tension areas. Cleanse, tone and exfoliation followed by a facial massage working on the reflex points on the face. To complete your treatment, a gentle head massage.
60 minute treatment £50


Electric Muscles Stimulation

This treatment can be added to any of my facials.
EMS is used to activate skin cells. stimulating rejuvenation of collagen to improve skin elasticity, soften wrinkles and leave skin smooth and healthy. This treatment offers several options of light therapy from regeneration of collagen, treating dark spots or discoloured skin, acne and oily skin to brighten the skin.
10 minute treatment £10




Exclusively for Men facial.

This is a deep cleansing treatment tailor-made for the specific needs of male skin. It is hydrating and refreshing, eliminating all traces of stress and tension. A back massage to start and a head massage to finish.
60 minute treatment £45




Manicure with polish £25
De-lux Manicure £30
UV Gel soak off nails £25
Soak off only £10
UV Gel soak off and new nails on £30
Manicure for men £20



Pedicure with polish (bring open toe shoes) £30
Pedicure for men £25




This is a straight forward, quick and painless procedure using vegetable dye. The effect should last two to four weeks.
Eye lash tint * £16
Eye brow tint * £10
* a tint test is required 24 hours prior to treatment


HAIR REMOVAL (phD safe Tea tree wax)

Waxing using tea tree cream warm wax roller system, which combines hygiene, efficiency, well-being and beauty.

Half leg £18
Full leg £25
Lip £7
Chin £7
Lip and chin £12
Eyebrows £10




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